Register for Apostles + Witnesses

In the wave of secularism, the Holy Spirit is doing something great! We are being called to develop a more contagious Christianity that attracts others to Christ.

Witnesses + Apostles, led by Fr. Ignacio Llorente, is the latest course from the Theological Academy. Register below for this theological course on the New Evengelization.

Tuesdays 7pm in the Upper Social Hall

Cost: $15/person, $20/couple, $30/family

  • Session 1: February 2o

    • What is the New Evangelization? Why do people receive the sacraments but end up leaving?
  • Session 2: February 27

    • How Do People Come to Faith? Thresholds of Conversion.
  • Session 3: March 6

    • Four Ways of Witnessing: Presence, Power, Proclamation, and Prayer.
  • Session 4: March 13

    • Obstacles to Sharing Faith: Fear, Relativism, Secularism, Pluralism.