Meet the St. John Society Theologians

Three of the theologians from the Saint John Society’s House of Studies in Washington DC are visiting Corvallis this summer and invite you to a meet and greet during the Sunday Social after the 9 AM mass on June 10. They recently finished their first year of theology at the Dominican House of Studies in DC.

John Poodts is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is 27 years old and studied philosophy at a University in Buenos Aires. After finishing his philosophical studies, he spent a year and a half missioning in a poor town in Cordoba, Argentina.

Keefe Piper is 31 years old from Seattle, Washington. He studied philosophy at Whitman college before becoming a missionary of the Saint John Society. For the last two years, he has been in Argentina for a time of mission and formation.

Aaron Stettler is 28 years old from Phoenix, Arizona. He met the Saint John Society while studying here at Oregon State University. After graduating, he went to Argentina to begin his formation in Argentina.

Come and take advantage to meet them and hear about all God is doing at their new House of Studies.