Winter 2020 Registration Open Now

Looking to deepen in knowledge of your faith and build community with other parishioners?

Check out our upcoming Theological Academy for Winter 2020!

All fun. No Fire. What we’re going to do in the class is go back and forth from Dante to the Catechism, and from the Purgatorio to the Inferno and the Paradiso. Deacon Chris will explain the basic structure and logic of the Purgatorio so that we can get past some of the oddities to the deeply beautiful, freeing and empowering ideas underneath.  Lots of maps and illustrations. With explanations of key passages and characters.  Fun for everyone:  from beginners to experienced readers of Dante.  Recommended Translation: The Purgatario by Dante Alighieri. Translator John Ciardi. Don’t be afraid: Purgatory is great fun.  Full of music and light…but Heaven is better!

Questions? Please contact Sr. Bernadette in the office, 541-754-1505 x306 or at