December Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

  1. Fr. Maximo led in Prayer of Surrender
    1. “You can have it all Lord”
  2. Fr. Matias shares thoughts about ministry in general
    1. Different to have a head knowledge of Christ than a personal encounter
      1. This is the goal
    2. Raniero Cantalamessa (preacher to the papal house)
      1. Had an experience with a group of Catholics praising together charismatically
      2. Experienced a personal encounter with Christ in this moment
      3. This is also the goal
    3. We should always be asking this question:
      1. Will this activity in my ministry lead to an encounter with Christ?
      2. Another way of asking: How can I make this activity lead to an encounter with Christ?
      3. Sometimes we have to take necessary steps in order to prepare for the ultimate goal
        1. E.g. creating a schedule is not inherently an encounter with Christ but it is a necessary step to prepare that encounter for others
    4. Life in ministry often becomes a to-do list
      1. We often forget the final goal
      2. The only reason we should be here is to encounter Christ and to provide opportunities for others to encounter Christ
    5. We are not the ones who touches people’s hearts
      1. This is the job of the Holy Spirit!
      2. We just provide a space, create the necessary environment for that encounter to happen
    6. Not just anything will do
      1. Preparation is important
      2. Relational ministry is also key
      3. People are hungry for real and meaningful relationships
    7. We are not just organizers, we are evangelizers
      1. Make sure we are present for our team
      2. Make sure we make them feel valued and welcome
      3. Basically be a good friend (develop and maintain a good relationship!)
    8. We don’t want transactional relationships
      1. E.g. going to the store, giving money, receiving goods
      2. We want to be relational (giving people an experience, e.g. customer service)
  3. Ministry Reports
    1. Hispanic Ministry
      1. Had a catechist meeting this past month
        1. Centered themselves and asked what God wants the ministry to be doing
      2. This past Tuesday was the advent fair for Hispanic Ministry
        1. Very simple, very well-planned, and went well!
      3. Meet every Tuesday with the entire group together
        1. Pray together and sing praises with parents and children
        2. Children go to class and parents stay for class
          1. Attendance for parent class is up
          2. More couples are coming (yay!)
        3. Use Sophia Press curriculum
      4. Coming soon
        1. End of novena
        2. Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (12/12)
          1. No morning Mass
          2. Evening Mass bilingual
          3. More info on website
        3. Booklet for advent will also be in Spanish
    2. RCIA
      1. This year we have several RCIA groups
        1. RCIA
          1. Four peeps
        2. OSU RCIA
          1. Possibly as many as 12 people
        3. RCIA for youth
          1. Two unbaptized middle schoolers
        4. RCIA for homeless
          1. Had four people but no one is continuing at this time
      2. Rite of Acceptance and Welcome tomorrow, 12/2
        1. First formal step toward Catholicism
        2. All welcome to participate
      3. The Rite of Election and the three scrutinies
        1. Other formal steps
        2. Will happen during Lent
      4. Pray for us on the frontier of the Church!
      5. Emit has offered to give a presentation about volunteering in the Church (usually done near the end of the RCIA program)
        1. Could help them answer the question, “what’s next?”
    3. Faith Cafe
      1. Faith and Fellowship for families
        1. Gentle entrance into St. Mary’s community
        2. Childcare provided
        3. Sundays 10:45am – 11:45am
        4. Contact
      2. Attendance
        1. This year have seen approximately 20-25 parents each Sunday
      3. Have general theme each month
        1. Always open to guest speakers, testimonies, etc.
        2. People who have had and raised kids
      4. Come when you can – is non-commital
        1. Okay if you haven’t come in a while
        2. We want you back whenever you are able!
    4. Sunday Social
      1. People have signed up to volunteer and help out
      2. Fr. Matias has interested volunteers – can possibly form team