Alpha Course

Alpha Course Invitation

What is the Alpha Course?

Alpha is an 11 week introduction to the Catholic faith. Each evening begins with dinner at 6:30pm, followed by a talk and a small group discussion, with the opportunity to ask questions and express opinions. An important element of the course is the weekend away. After session 6, we invite attendees to do a weekend away retreat focused on the Holy Spirit. It’s very important to attend this retreat because it really impacts the lives of those who attend.


Christianity, Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Faith, The Bible, Prayer, How does God guide us? How to resist evil? Healing, How to Invite Friends, Church

What is the cost?


There is no cost for the course, but a free will donation is requested to help cover the cost for meals. This need not be paid all at once, but as you can. Please don’t let the cost keep you from coming.  This donation is not mandatory. Scholarships are available.

Childcare will be provided. Please indicate if you will be needing this service when you register below.

Be sure to mark these dates:

  • 1/23 – Session 1 – Is there more to Life than this?
  • 1/30 – Session 2 – How can I have Faith?
  • 2/6 – Session 3 – Who is Jesus?
  • 2/13 – Session 4 – Why did Jesus die?
  • 2/20 – Session 5- How can I read the Bible?
  • 2/27– Session 6 –How does God guide us?
  • 3/6 – Session 7 – How can I pray? (ASH WEDNESDAY*)
  • 3/8– 3/10 – HOLY SPIRIT RETREAT WOMEN **
  • 3/13 – Session 8 – How to resist evil?
  • 3/15 – 3/17 HOLY SPIRIT RETREAT MEN **
  • 3/20 – Session 9 – Does God heal today? 
  • 3/27 – Session 10 – Evangelization (SPRING BREAK)
  • 4/3 – Session 11 – Why the church?
  • 4/10– Session 12 – Celebration Dinner
  • Notes:
    • *Ash Wednesday: Instead of a full dinner, we will provide soup and crackers.
    • ** Retreats: As the dates for the retreats approach, online registration will be available on St. Mary’s website. The retreat is a weekend away were we focus on the person of the Holy Spirit and we pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

For information or questions, contact David Otto (541)-231-0717 or Catherine Otto at or (541)-231-4838.

How do I register?

Simply fill out the form below. Be careful to fill out the whole form, being sure to scroll down and select the “Submit” button to complete the process. Each person should submit a separate registration entry.  Submitting the form should cause the time stamp to be entered in the spreadsheet for each registration.