Library Ministry

When can I go?

LIBRARY HOURS (Librarian Present)

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 9-11am
  • Wednesday 5-6:30pm
  • Sunday 10am–12:30pm

ANY TIME (Self-Serve)

  • You can access the library anytime from 7am-7 pm if you become a member; we will give you the code.

How can I use it?

  1. LEARN: Check out classic Catholic books, family resources, Catholic movies, lives of the saints, etc. Search the library database here.
  2. MEET: The living room and main library section are available for bible study or other meetings related to faith life. Call the parish office to reserve a space.
  3. PRAY: The kitchen area and retreat rooms are available for pray, reading, having lunch, meeting one-on-one with some else, or just having a cup of coffee and relaxing. With the code you can come any day of the week from 7am-7pm.

How do I check out a book?

  1. ONLINE: You can find the book you want and reserve it through the parish database.
  2. LIBRARIAN-ASSISTANCE: Ask the librarian during library hours.
  3. SELF-SERVE: Read the directions at the library counter to check out a book if the librarian is not present.

How do I return a book?

  • Drop the book near the library window or in the parish office

How do I use internet in the library?

  • Complimentary WiFi is available. The password is posted on the bulletin board.

How do I become a member?

  • To receive a library member card, fill out the request for library membership form during librarian hours and the librarian will give you one.

Can I share the code?

  • No, the code is for member only. For security reasons, please don’t share the code with other people, whether you know them or not. If someone wants the code, they should contact the librarian and become members of the library.